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Happy Fish is a Christian fellowship founded in 2010 in Denver, Colorado and belongs to Galilee South Community Church. It is a family for young adults live in Denver. We have international students, young professionals and native speakers. Every Friday night we have gathering of worship, sharing and studying God’s words. Besides Friday night, there are always different kinds of interesting activities within Happy Fish-hiking, BBQ, movie night, NBA game, bowling, skiing, snow fight, painting, hot pot…

You won’t be alone. We are your friends and families here. God loves you and we love you! Welcome to Happy Fish!


Group Leader: Harry and Karen

Small Family Parents: Harry and Karen

Contact: 720-505-9368

Location: Franklin House


Group Leader: Huabin

Small Family Parents: Wenhan, Bing

Contact: 303-669-6048

Location: Fox House

Young Professionals

Group Leader: David X

Small Family Parents:  Yogi

Contact: 701-330-8585

Location: Greenwood Village