Our Organization

Introduction to Church's Organization And Bylaws:

Our church’s organization and bylaws are designed according to the vision and mission of our church and in keeping with the cell group church model. The purpose for this organization restructure and bylaws is to provide an operational framework for our church’s organization and future development. This organizational chart and bylaws are designed along the lines of those of the River of Life Christian Church in San Jose, CA.

Church Organizational Chart:

From the organizational chart we can see that there are two components to our church’s operation. Representing the church to the outside is the role of the Board of Directors- this regards legal and financial matters. Within the church, the Executive Pastoral Team, led by the Senior Pastor, plans and implements ministries related to the vision and mission of the church. Both the Board of Directors and the EPT are accountable to each other. The Assembly of Representatives, when needed, is called to vote on matters of great importance in the church. With such an organizational structure, the church can function according to scriptural principles, the laws of the land as well as honoring the opinions and input of the church membership.


God is the highest authority and supreme Director of our church. Our church exists for Him. Our vision, mission and operation and ministries all depend on Him.

Board of Directors:

The Board of Directors consists of five committed members, who make up the body that oversees the financial and legal matters concerning the church. Its functions also include planning compensation and benefits of hired staff, interpreting the bylaws, calling the Assembly of Representatives and representing the church. (For details, please read page 11 of the Bylaws)

Assembly of Representatives:

The Assembly of Representative is the authorizing body of the church. Its members consist of cell group leaders and member representatives who have been recommended by the Executive Pastoral Team (EPT). When faced with a major decision concerning the church, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors will call the Assembly to vote on the matter. (For details, please read page 7 of the Bylaws)

Senior Pastor:

The Senior Pastor is the one called by God to lead the church with authority from God to plan and implement the vision and mission of the church. (For details, please read page 10 of the Bylaws)

Executive Pastoral Team (EPT):

The EPT is the decision-making and execution body of the church. Its functions are to plan and carry out goals for the ministries of the church. Its members are made up of the Senior Pastor, full time staff members, ministry heads and member representatives. The Senior Pastor calls monthly meetings of the EPT, and also reports to the Board of Directors. (For details, please read page 8 of the Bylaws)

Ministry Departments:

Various Ministry Departments take charge of all related ministries of the church, such as worship, missions, community outreach, education and audio-visual etc.

Pastoral Department:

The Pastoral Department takes charge of all the caring and pastoral needs of all age and language groups and districts of the church.

Administration Department:

The Administration Department is in charge of the financial, personnel and property management of the church.